Sunday, 28 October 2012

DARPA contracts Cubic for next-generation One Shot sniper development

Cubic Defense Applications has received a contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for development of the next-generation (XG) of One Shot crosswind and range measurement systems.

The field-deployable system has been designed to provide ballistic aim point offsets in the shooter's riflescope sight, and has a compact architecture that supports installation either on rifle or the spotter-scope to allow for accurate shooting of targets at maximum effective ranges in crosswind conditions.

As prime contractor of the agency's One Shot XG programme, Cubic had teamed up with Trex Enterprises to manufacture and validate a prototype system, which if proven successful, may lead to the supply of ten additional systems within 15 months.
"If military snipers could neutralise enemy targets with a single round, they could potentially save many lives."

Cubic Defense Applications Advanced Programs vice president Steve Sampson said the One Shot XG would enable rapid measure of downrange crosswind, direction and range to target, to offer ballistic corrections, a characteristic previously missing in the military snipers.

"Using a unique two-way measurement system operated from existing sniper rifles or spotter scopes on current and future weapons, One Shot XG is designed to provide greatly improved first-round accuracy," Sampson added.

"If military snipers could neutralise enemy targets with a single round, they could potentially save many lives."

Both companies have been working on the concept for the past six months, which will now undergo demonstrations as part of the DARPA contract, according to Sampson.

Trex is tasked with production of the crosswind measurement algorithm, which is expected to serve as the key to the programme's success.

Cubic One Shot XG product development programme manager and principal investigator Tony Maryfield said the company had used a wide range of products, from fibre lasers and quantum well modulators to smart cards, to manufacture both systems and components.

"One Shot XG will directly benefit from at least a decade of development geared towards state-of-the-art field-proven MILES combat training products," Maryfield said.

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