Thursday, 11 October 2012

Russian warheads spend American money

Moscow wants to close the U.S. program of liquidation of weapons of mass destruction Russian media reported. Russia is able to finance itself the removal of its nuclear arsenal. Especially that American aid has become an instrument of political pressure and the Americans had access to too large Russian nuclear secrets.

The micro Viktor Baranets, Russian military expert:

"Under the pretext of helping to destroy the ammunition, the U.S. had an almost full access to all deposits and all databases that store our nuclear weapons. Under the pretext of helping, the U.S. has installed equipment on the nuclear weapons. It went to become absurd, because the American specialists were passing Russian officers lie detector to see if they could be dealing with nuclear weapons. "

A question arises: if the conditions were so much disadvantageous to Russia, why the Kremlin has accepted also by extending the agreement twice? The political situation is certainly much. Russian foreign policy in the 1990s was far pro-Western. In addition, at the time of signing the agreement, Moscow had neither dse ability or financial means. However, it was necessary to destroy the missiles because Russia had made commitments at the international level.

Today Russia is able to finance itself the destruction of weapons. The Russian authorities have also questions for foreign NGOs on these programs. The micro Igor Korotchenko, Chairman of the Public Council at the Russian Ministry of Defence:

"There were laws that were adopted. These include the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations foreign agents. And, more generally, there were sufficient data and information to bring the Russian government to take those decisions. Apparently there have been a number of elements that have been accumulated. Including those under the jurisdiction of the FSB. These elements have to decide to discontinue this kind of American structures. It seems that these interference in the internal affairs of Russia has become so important that it was imperative to end it. "

The state program of armaments plans to subsidize the destruction of obsolete weapons, said the expert. That is to say that Russia can do itself. Moreover, the Russian Ministry of Defense does not preclude continue to cooperate with the United States, provided, however, to negotiate a new agreement will be based on "the principles of equal rights and mutual respect." / L

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