Thursday, 11 October 2012

Aircraft carrier helps expand China’s strategic frontier

Chinese aircraft carrier has caused widespread concern in the world. Major General and deputy secretary-general with National Security Policy Committee under China Association of Policy and Science Peng Guangqian said that the appearance of missile nuclear weapons in the era of globalization greatly constrained the use of traditional aircraft carriers, but their strategic value did not decrease. As comprehensive and informationalized combat system integrated with modern military technology, the aircraft carriers are the important manifestation of the strategic ability of a country.

Supported by increasingly strengthened national power and modern defense technology and industrial system, China successfully developed the aircraft carrier. Its huge operational and deterrent effectiveness will not only greatly improve China’s offshore defense capability but also further promote an all-round transformation of its national defense and military in terms of the military theory, structure of forces, combat methods and personnel training. The combat effectiveness of Chinese aircraft carrier will undoubtedly help expand the strategic frontier of China’s national security, increase flexibility and initiative of the strategic choice and enhance the strategic quality and stability of China’s national security.

Like having nuclear weapons, China’s aircraft carrier will not change the defense nature of its defense strategy. China must have the ability of ocean operations and strategic mobility, but its focus of maritime security is still in offshore waters and it will not change the basic strategy of offshore defense though the development of aircraft carrier.

The aircraft carrier is one of strategic defense and counterattack means in China. With the aircraft carrier, China will be more calm, confident and rational in making defense policies. It is no exaggeration to say that Chinese aircraft carrier is not only the “stability anchor” of the maritime security but also “Noah’s Ark” maintaining the world peace and the positive energy favored by all peace-loving people.

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