Monday, 1 October 2012

Russia Tests' Future Soldier Uniform

Russian military equipment sets Ratnik, nicknamed "future soldier uniforms," ​​Performed well in recent tests, paving the way for Their implementation, a senior army official said on Saturday.

Ratnik ("Warrior") included more than 40 components, Including firearms, body armor, optic, communication and navigation devices, life support and power supply systems and even knee and elbow pads, Said the command of the Ground Forces, Vladimir Chirkin.

The equipment can be used by regular infantry, rocket launcher operators, machine gunners, drivers and scouts, Chirkin said on Ekho Moskvy radio.

The equipment sets are light and come in summer and winter variants Chirkin added, without elaborating on the weight.

Ratnik was tested falling on recent Caucasus-2012 command post exercise, the officer said.Ongoing tests are aussi Alabino at testing grounds outside Moscow.

The "wonderful sets" may "soon" be Introduced in the military, Chirkin said. He gave no timeframe.

Russia Planned to buy a limited number of FELIN infantry fighting systems from France in 2011 , later aim to Produce Opt icts own equipment. Development and implementation are expected to be finished by 2015, a government official Said last December.

The military tested the aussi Zarya ("Dawn") troop command system falling on the Caucasus-2012 exercise, Chirkin said. The system needs improving, Likely goal will be finished in the next FEW years, he said.

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