Monday, 1 October 2012

A new commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan

While in Canada, the soldiers of the Task Force 4-12 are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan, a graduation ceremony attended by training and predeployment is also being conducted on the basis Valcartier on Friday night in Afghanistan, Coalition Forces are preparing to welcome a new commander soon.

The General Joseph F. Marinesl Dunford Jr. Will replace soon indeed General John Allen, who led NATO forces in Afghanistan since mid-2011. Allen became him, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

General Dunford will become responsible for the war effort early next year when Canadian soldiers will remain in Afghanistan training mission and while the United States and other Coalition members seek to reduce their role in this conflict.

With the planned departure in January, General Allen has been at the head of NATO forces in Afghanistan for a year and a half, a relatively short time for this job. Dunford, meanwhile, has never served in Afghanistan.

General Allen, known generally taciturn, expressed his frustration about the deadly attacks initiated by soldiers and Afghan police killed 51 U.S. soldiers and coalition this year.

"It makes me crazy, to be honest with you," he said in an interview with "60 Minutes" on CBS to be broadcast Sunday, Sept. 30, referring to the issue of attacks 'initiated. "It sounds (this attack) all across the United States. You know, we are willing to sacrifice a lot for this country, but we are not ready to be killed for it. '

Allen had earlier admitted in an interview broadcast by the Pentagon and the rise of massacres by insiders has created "mistrust" and exacerbated concerns among NATO allies about keeping their troops in Afghanistan until in 2014.

"They did not send their troops to be killed. "General Allen said, adding that these attacks inside could" lead us to change the way the U.S. military and its allies train and advise the Afghan army and police. It will be recalled that Allen had temporarily suspended joint operations with Afghan forces have since resumed.

It seems that our Canadian soldiers, however, remain optimistic. After training and a well deserved rest, it is with enthusiasm that they will fly to Afghanistan, if we believe the story of our colleague Nicolas Laffont: "After several months of training, our troops are ready and excited to begin the deployment and finally begin to fulfill their mission on the ground, "said the colonel about this Roch Pelletier, commander of Task Force 4-12.

More sensitive to cultural differences, the behavior of Canadian soldiers would raise less ire of Afghans and Canadian troops have so far not been victims of insider attacks. In addition, Canadians are only there on a training mission and are not called, like other members of the coalition to joint patrols with Afghan soldiers or police.

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