Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tiger 2: A first very special week for the BFST

Since October 1, exercise 2 TIGER led by the Special Operations Command with the Saudi armed forces has chained many training modules in common. This is the Field Integration Training (FIT).

The main objective of this phase is to measure the interoperability of French units (mainly those of the Special Forces Brigade Earth, BFST) and Saudi Arabia (nearly one thousand soldiers committed). Activities have followed a particularly strong rhythm of day and night, mainly in the area of ​​Solenzara in Corsica.

Simultaneously, this period was utilized to prepare the Field Training Exercises Part (FTX), the second phase of the exercise Tiger 2. The staffs were impregnated with the theme which evolve tactical forces engaged from 9 to 18 October. Thus, the past week has been devoted to the preparation and dissemination of the first orders, distribution missions, briefings, to rehearsal (repetition modes of action), testing of communication networks.

This intense first part of technical training will be closed Monday, October 8 with a day of presentations common static and dynamic.  

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