Thursday, 4 October 2012

The United States lost hope of reaching an agreement with the Taliban

American civilian and military leaders say they have almost abandoned the idea to get one day a peace agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The New York Times reports that world leaders will work to prepare the ground for Afghans to reach a peace agreement between them after the bulk of coalition forces have left the country in 2014.

"I do not see it happen in the next two years (peace agreement). This is a very strong enemy, and I will not tell you it is not. It is a constant battle, and it will be for many years to come. "Said a senior officer of the coalition.

The inability to properly negotiate with the Taliban leadership emphasizes the low gains of the coalition, and especially during the upsurge in the number of U.S. troops arrived in 2009. While additional troops were able to reclaim several territories occupied by the Taliban, they failed to launch the coup de grace.

The Obama administration, however, consider a prisoner exchange to reopen negotiations which stopped abruptly in March.

A few days ago, a researcher signed a report / story of the end of the mission and wrote that if nothing was done, the Taliban would regain control of much of the country once foreign troops have left the area 2014.

Since their takeover of the country between 1994 and 1997, the Taliban had to change their entire political strategy during the U.S. invasion of 2001. The strict application of Sharia law with many taboos (film, television, dance, boxing, etc.)., The Taliban have become the protectors of poppy cultivation and rural life have waived the prohibition music and the compulsory wearing of beards.

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