Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tajikistan: paratrooper training for the army Tajik

From September 21 to 26, a training parachute troops in favor of Tajikistan was held at the training center with the support of Fakhrabad Air Detachment (DETAIR) of Doushambé and force elements Pamir.

Established 8 years ago as part of the Franco-Tajik this activity readiness is eagerly awaited each year by our brothers in arms. This cooperative action, under the responsibility of the Defence AttachĂ© Embassy of France near Tajikistan, was coordinated by the mission of Defence (MoD).

Parachute training was conducted by a team of seven specialists from the Centre Flight Air Jump (AFSC) of Orleans. 53 Tajik soldiers selected for the exercise came from the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defence, mobile forces and the National Guard. The training was conducted in two parts: after 3 days of ground training, 49 Tajik soldiers completed four static line jumps to 400 m from a Transall C160. All but four injured in ground training, received the Brevet d'Initiation Military Parachuting (BIPM).

Franco-Tajik is highly developed in the field of training, support for the teaching of French and operational training (training in mountain warfare and parachute). Since 2001, a French Air Detachment is stationed on airport DoushambĂ© and provides transit operations to Afghanistan.

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