Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sniper rifle AR 10 Super SASS (Armalite, United States)

The U.S. firm has a sniper rifle in 7.62 x 51 mm AR 10 Super SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System).

Armalite AR 10 SASS (United States)
This rifle has a fixed buttstock made of plastic, adjustable in length and height.
The architecture of the weapon is based on the carcass AR 10. The trigger mechanism is modified to marksmanship, the receiver has a rail "Picatinny" for mounting the optical scopes daytime. The rifle is equipped with a quad-rails "Picatinny" at the front of the weapon, which hosts the full range of accessories on the market (folding bipod, attaching a night sighting system type clip-on , laser pointer, etc..).
Floating barrel 508 mm ends with a flash suppressor type A2, allowing the installation of a sound moderator. The gas-operated is adjustable according to the use.

According to the manufacturer, this sniper rifle is highly accurate. The gun measures 1003 mm long and weighs 4.26 kg. It is fed by a feeder housing 20 cartridges.

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