Thursday, 18 October 2012

Qatar: The internal security services are acquiring armored vehicles and Sherpa Higuard RTD

At Milipol Qatar 2012, the French Company Renault Trucks Defense presents the first delivery of its Higuard MRAP mine protected vehicle to the Qatari Internal Security Services. Qatar is to be the launch customer for Renault Trucks Défense's Higuard mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP)-style vehicle.

This first order from the Qatari Internal Security Services covers the delivery of 22 of the 6x6 Higuard vehicles and five 4x4 Sherpa light armoured personnel carriers between 2012 and 2013.

The HIGUARD vehicle is derived from a Sherpa medium 6x6. This vehicle can provide very high levels of protection in certain configurations and can transport up to twelve fully-equipped personnel. Its dissuasive silhouette makes it highly suitable to law enforcement units.

Renault Trucks Defense and Acmat Defense are attending Milipol exhibition held at Doha, Qatar from 8 to 10 October. At Milipol Qatar the two Companies present a full range of vehicles for police and security forces as the MIDS Police, Midlum Security and Public Order Vehicle, Sherpa Police with assault ladder and the protected ALTV Station Wagon.

The MIDS is especially designed for public order and internal security missions. Offering a high degree of armored protection in its category, it carries up to 12 police officers in an urban and rural setting.

The Sherpa Assault Ladder is designed to support a special team during counter-terrorist, hostage rescue or police missions. 10 officers have access to the roof of a vehicle thanks to a ladder and a large platform with safety features: non-slip floor, handrail and armor protection on shield ramps.

The hydraulic ramp allows an easy access to elevated targets - like buildings and commercial planes - or to cross a wall. The modular platform and ramps allow various configurations depending on the team's strategy and the target location.

The Assault Ladder is special equipment ideally suited to the Sherpa Light APC UxU light armored vehicle. With this vehicle, the team benefits from all-terrain mobility, a large internal volume and full ballistic protection before using the assault ladder.

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