Saturday, 13 October 2012

P 11 Pistol Mk 7 (Grand Power-Slovakia)

The Slovak company Grand Power, known in the shooting including the quality of its production, had several weapons including sub-compact version P 11 Mk 7 .

Lighter and more durable thanks to its polymer frame, this gun is chambered for the 9 x 19 mm cartridge with a capacity of 12 cartridges. Its barrel 85 mm long locks by rotation.Disassembly by pulling the arcade Gun down as the Walther PP .
Its handle has different size inserts to fit the morphology of the shooter's hand.
The P 11 Mk 7 measures 179 mm long, 118 mm high and 36 mm thick. Its weight is 740 grams.
It features an ambidextrous safety Mechanical placed on top of the pistol grip. The magazine catch is placed at the intersection of the yoke bridge and the pistol grip.
The weapon has a mounting rail for mounting a laser pointer or a module like the X2 Laserproduced by Insight Technologies.

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