Saturday, 13 October 2012

NATO adopts a Russian rifle based on the Kalashnikov

Seventeen NATO will equip the rifle Russian Vepr-12 Molot factory designed by on a Kalashnikov said Friday in Moscow the Russian high-tech holding Rostekhnologii.

"The semi-automatic rifles to shotguns Vepr-12 will be delivered to the armed forces and other services coercive ten member countries of the Alliance," reads a statement in the holding company.

The German company Schmeisser GmbH, partner and Molot factory responsible for promoting Vepr-12 in Europe, conducts discussions with member countries of NATO since early 2012. During a presentation of the gun held last September in Germany, the Bundeswehr officers with rifles Vepr-12 are trained to storm a fortified building. NATO has agreed to acquire Vepr-12 following this presentation.

The Molot factory of Viatskie Poliany (Kirov region of Russia) has created several versions of Vepr-12 rifle that will be supplied to NATO after the necessary formalities.

Designed in 2003 on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, Vepr-12 ("VEPR" meaning "wild boar" in Russian) is a rifle caliber 12/76 very reliable. Russia already exports the "to many countries including Germany, Italy and France," according to the press Rostekhnologii.

The Molot factory also continuing design work Vepr-15 rifle in cooperation with the German Waffen Schumacher.

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