Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Financing networks: a former head of the DST involves the Qatar and Saudi

The former head of the DST (Directorate of Territorial Surveillance) Yves Bonnet Monday blamed the drug money as well as that of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in financing radical Islamist networks.

In an interview published Monday by the Depeche du Midi, M. Bonnet believes that these networks raise the issue of drug trafficking but he said "there is also the problem of money that is allocated by country Salafists."

"We dare not mention Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but it might also be that these brave people stop feeding their funds a number of actions concern," said he.

"It will take a day to open the file as Qatar where there is a real problem. And I do not care about the results of Paris Saint-Germain," he said.

Investment projects in Qatar in France raise questions in the political class. After investing in Paris Saint-Germain, in the purchase of TV broadcasting rights, then the art market, Qatar could dedicate an investment fund of 50 to 100 million euros in French suburbs.

A "cell" was disbanded radical Islamist Saturday and one of its members, a French 33 years of the Caribbean community, was killed in Strasbourg after opening fire on police come arrest him. Eleven people, all French, were in custody Monday.

"Side information, this type of network is much more difficult to identify because there we are dealing with people who are converts (...) they are much more difficult to identify," says Mr. Bonnet.

According to him, it must "be interested in these environments of young offenders who are at the margin (...) If the policy is to be effective, it will have to work in depth these environments, mainly related to the drug. It will essentially by infiltration ".

The old DST merged with the Central Directorate of General Intelligence (CDSR) in the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI).

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