Friday, 5 October 2012

Australian Air Force Controllers will Manage Mission Communications with Indra’s Technology

The solution will be a state-of-the-art system as it will answer the need of digital IP secure communications adapted for tactical environments
  Indra will implement its new Tactical Comunication Router for the Royal Australian Airforce's (RAAF) Airspace Controller teams. The delivery of these systems forms the basis of a recent contract signed by Indra with the Commonwealth of Australia. The project will last until 2014 and is scoped to deliver six systems.

Indra will provide a ruggedised, encrypted red/black, Tactical Comunication Router (TCR) which will provide interoperability and connectivity to existing communications infrastructure as well as tactical Ground-Ground and Air-Ground-Air voice communications networks. These characteristics, as well as its innovative design, make this one of the most advanced and capable communication routing systems in the world.

Indra’s Tactical Comunication Router will provide maximum operational flexibility by utilising modular configuration concepts and will be capable of rapid deployment to provide communication services to Single Service, Joint or Coalition forces whilst deployed within Australia or throughout the world.

The system is based on Indra’s commercially available Digital Voice Communication and Control SDC-2000 which provides the exceptional standards of performance that have become synonymous with Indra’s systems worldwide, both for military and civil applications. It provides a redundant architecture with proven design and components to provide outstanding reliability and availability.

The system’s Control Work Position comprises a modern, high-quality Human Machine Interface which provides the operator a highly intuitive touch screen that facilitates easy access to, and control of, radios and telephone services, which can be entirely monitored and supervised by the management system.

This technology offers the Australian Defence Force a quantum-leap in safety and efficiency for the provision and manipulation of tactical communications in the international missions through the use of advanced switching technology that adeptly manages both analogue and digital signal interfaces and signaling methods and encompasses state-of-the-art VoIP capability.


Indra’s Australian fast growing subsidiary is located in Sydney and has offices located in Brisbane and Newcastle. This contract is the latest in a raft of projects won by Indra in Australia. Last year 2011 Airservises Australia commissioned Indra the modernisation of the radar surveillance stations network which assists en-route aircraft in the eastern area of the country. Indra has also supplied the navigation aids to this and other local air services providers for many years. Indra is a leading company in the supply of Air Traffic Management systems on a world scale. In over 30 years it has supplied in excess of 1,200 units to more than 95 countries.

In the Asian Pacific area, the company has been involved in outstanding projects in countries like China, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines or Vietnam, among others, related to Transport and Traffic, Defense and Security, Simulation, Public Administration and Health lines of business, among others.

With these contracts the company strengthen its position as a key competitor in the Australia an the Asian-Pacific market for both civil and Defence customers. The company has a important presence in China.

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