Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Antony throws weight behind indigenous artillery programme

Defence Minister AK Antony on Monday announced that the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) recently gave an approval to the construction of 144 upgraded 155 mm artillery guns by Ordnance Factory Board Jabalpur.

The Defence Minister has thrown his weight behind the indigenous artillery programme just like the indigenous Main Battle Tank Arjun. Speaking on the sidelines of a DRDO award function, Antony said: "I hope after 30 years it proves to be a success. After MBT Arjun we are working towards making the artillery a success."

The .52 guns will be manufactured on the basis of the design transferred by the Bofors in 1986. The designs have since then been gathering dust owing to the taint on these Swedish gun.

The user trials will take place in December.

The indigenous artillery programme is crucial for the Indian Army which has not been able to induct a single gun since Bofors scandal. While the artillery wing of the Army is in dire need of modernisation, the repeated blacklisting of foreign gun-makers has only added to force's woes.

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