Friday, 5 October 2012

A new design for the future British frigates of type 26

The proposed change T26 head! The design of future frigates to replace the 13 units of type 23 Royal Navy has changed dramatically over the original design, introduced in 2010. Much sleeker, the new model, recently unveiled by BAE Systems, is much more in line with the evolution of naval architecture.

148 meters long with a width of 19 meters, the building displays a displacement of about 5400 tons.Capable of exceeding a speed of 28 knots and cross 7000 miles at 15 knots, the future British frigate is designed to have a very large range, 60 days without refueling. Army by 118 sailors, it can accommodate 72 passengers. Its armament include a surface-to-air Sea Ceptor, an artillery piece at the front, two guns multitubes type Phalanx guns and two tele-operated as well as torpedoes and possibly anti-ship missiles. The radar should be a main ARTISAN 3D.

Future T26, which will be commissioned as part of the Global Combat Ship (GCS), scheduled to enter service at the end of the decade. This model is also proposed by BAE Systems to export, especially in Brazil. For international customers, various configurations are possible, including it seems the integration of Aster 30 air defense zone.

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