Friday, 16 November 2012

Venezuela: arrival of the first batch of Chinese aircraft Shaanxi Y-8

The first batch of military transport aircraft Shaanxi Y-8 Chinese manufacturing arrived in Venezuela, said the president of the Latin American Hugo Chavez quoted Friday by the local media.

"They crossed Africa and Brazil to land in Libertador air base in Maracay (north)," reported the Venezuelan leader.

Shaanxi Y-8 is an adaptation of the Antonov An-12, manufactured in the Soviet Union. Caracas and Beijing signed the contract for the purchase of eight of these devices in early 2011.

According to the Venezuelan Minister of Communications and Information Ernesto Villegas, aircraft purchased by Caracas are not part of the offensive arsenal and will be used to transport passengers and cargo within the country, including the civilian purposes.

The military-technical cooperation between Venezuela and China is developing dynamically. Last summer, Caracas announced a purchase of Chinese weapons for a total of $ 500 million to equip the Navy.

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