Saturday, 24 November 2012

Russian Navy Modernisation In Full Swing

Russian Navy has planned to fully upgrade all of the four fleets by 2020, China's Xinhua news agency reported Navy Commander Victor Chirkov as saying Friday.

According to Admiral Chirkov, the Black Sea, Baltic, Northern and Pacific fleets have been modernising vessels, armament, as well as coastal and social infrastructure.

"In (Black Sea port of) Novorossiisk, the port facilities for new ships and submarines have been under construction. I hope we' ll complete them by 2020," Chirkov said.

Currently, Russian Black Sea Fleet rents its base in Ukraine's Sevastopol and uses Novorossiisk as a backup port. In 2014, part of the Fleet will be relocated to Novorossiisk.

According to the Admiral, the Northern Fleet plans to build a base for the new-class submarines of Borei and Yasen types.

At the Pacific Fleet, the facilities to base helicopter carriers of Mistral class and new submarines are being built, while at the Baltic Fleet, bases for new warships and submarines are also being upgraded.

Two Mistral helicopter carriers will be put in service at the Pacific Fleet in 2014 and 2015.

Chirkov also said the navy had upgraded their air forces at Baltic, Northern and Pacific bases.

Russia has been designing an aircraft carrier and planned to complete the work by 2020, according to Chirkov.

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