Friday, 16 November 2012

Afghanistan: "The disengagement will be completed by Christmas"

Hautecloque Raysz-General, commanding the brigade in Afghanistan Lafayette made the point yesterday on the French disengagement by videoconference from Kabul during the press briefing of the Ministry of Defence. "The disengagement is at risk, but it was well anticipated, punctuated by many operations against the insurgents (...) is realized in proper conditions and within the deadlines," he said. The next step, it will Nijrab, which is being disengagement, there are still a few mentors. At October 15, 2600 French were still present on Afghan soil today, there are more than 2200, and January 1, 1500, focused on Kabul over several features of Dushanbe. Next year there will be some French inserted in Afghanistan, KAIA airport, the French military hospital Epidote and mission that continues. In parallel, a device of the coalition will be established, with the presence of 300 American soldiers taking up the French zone. The general also noted that "insurgent attacks are in sharp decline for 3 weeks (...) The general finding is a decrease in the insurgency across Afghanistan," he said.

Ability of Afghan forces

Today "the Afghans are ready to take responsibility," said the head of the TF Lafayette, who assumed command in Afghanistan in mid-April. In the month of May, he said, the withdrawal of the French presence was planned, with an acceleration in the rise of Afghan forces, in coordination with the local political authorities. Since late May, with the operation Hunting Spear 7, France "has sought to put pressure on the insurgents to contain the insurgency and to thwart their efforts." Early July, the responsibility for the planning and conduct of operations has been provided by the Afghan Kapisa. This is particularly the operation Sarboz one that was a real test for the 3rd Brigade of the ANA (Afghan National Army), because it was "the first step in all entrusted to the ANA brigade" . The third operation was conducted Sarboz November 5, "last transaction to which France participated." It was an operation of a scale large volume force on the Afghan side, namely nine companies (about a thousand men). Since a few weeks he continued, the Afghan army demonstrated autonomy, revealing a real desire for independence. These operations led to the Third Brigade ANA "gain confidence in it," knowing that it was very large operations, including police forces, intelligence ...

The Afghan presence in the area has 7,500 Afghan soldiers and police, ten times more than the insurgents."It would have been training the Afghan army to perform an operation per month (...) winter is a period during which the Afghan offensive must be" wished the French general, especially in view of the fighting season resumes next summer.

"I have no doubt they have the means," concluded the General Hautecloque-Raysz.

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