Wednesday, 28 November 2012

South Korean Naval Cruise Missiles Deployed

The Republic of Korea Navy reportedly now has advanced upgraded long-range cruise missiles in service, with enough range to reach all parts of North Korea.
Speaking to news agency Yonhap, a South Korean military official confirmed that two of the navy's destroyers have become equipped with Hyanmu-3C (also spelt ‘Hyanmoo') missiles. These are likely Sejong the Great class destroyers, of which there's three in service.
These missiles have a 1,500 kilometre range and are said to be so accurate that, even when covering these kinds of distances, they can strike within about 10 feet of their intended targets.

Naval Cruise Missiles Deployed

According to the representative - whose identity was not revealed - with the naval cruise missiles deployed, South Korea has in part issued a reply to North Korea's recent reinforcements in this maritime area.
In particular, there are concerns over the role to be played by a new military hovercraft launching-base, which North Korea's just finished. Vessels launched from this site might be used in anger against South Korean islands sited close to the North/South border - an area that's already hosted several vicious clashes in recent years.
The Hyanmu/Hyanmoo series remain the only South Korean cruise missiles to have seen active service. Translated into English, Hyanmoo/Hyanmu means, literally, ‘Guardian of the Northern Sky'.

South Korean Cruise Missile

The very latest Hyanmoo-3C is a subsonic South Korean cruise missile, directed by GPS and IGS systems. It can be loaded with up to 500kg of explosives and, in shape, looks a lot like the US-origin Tomahawk cruise missile design.
News of the new South Korean missile's deployment follows, by barely a month, the release of data concerning a new South Korean kamikaze drone known as the ‘Devil Killer.'
This is just another example of how South Korea is revitalising its armed forces, with several programmes currently in motion. They include the AH-X next-gen helicopter programme and the KF-16 Fighting Falcon upgrade project.

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