Friday, 23 November 2012

The Moroccan FREMM not take the sea before 2013

Due to technical problems, the multi-mission frigate commissioned in France by Morocco sees its first sea trials delayed. Floated September 14, 2011, the future Mohammed VI, who was sailing from Lorient in September / October this year, will not win the wide several months, apparently due to problems with its propulsion. DCNS teams are on deck to solve the problems as soon as possible on the equipment concerned. For now, the general timetable is apparently not changed it, the industrial reorganization in order not to delay the delivery of the frigate, scheduled for the second half of 2013. Moreover, these hazards specific to this building do not affect the rest of the FREMM program. Thus, Aquitaine, seeded French frigates of this type normally continues its sea trials for delivery to the Navy in the coming weeks.Asked by writing Mer et Marine on technical risks faced by the Moroccan frigate DCNS would not speak.

A frigate at the forefront of technology

However, it is worth recalling that, on programs such complex hazards and technical difficulties of development are relatively common, despite the precautions taken by the manufacturers and their subcontractors. Certainly, DCNS would be spent on the difficulties Mohammed VI, since they have nothing dramatic, this kind of event is always difficult in terms
of image and can be used by the competition. But the next delivery of Aquitaine should allow the French group to communicate the essentials: FREMM is a great tool, at the forefront of naval technology, both for the quality of its equipment (combat system SETIS, Herakles radar, 4 Captas sonar, electronic warfare, ...) and its equipment (Aster missiles, Exocet MM40 Block3, naval cruise missiles for the French version, MU90 torpedoes ...). All with a degree of automation very thorough as it will have 108 sailors (including air detachment) to implement this jewel of technology.

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