Saturday, 24 November 2012

DCA: six Pantsir-S systems for the Russian army

A division of six air defense systems Pantsir-S was given to troops DCA Military District of the East, the ceremony being held in the night from Thursday to Friday on the polygon Achoulouk in the Astrakhan region , announced Friday RIA Novosti Russian ballistic troop commander Viktor Goumenny.

"Today, tactical exercises involving demonstration unit Pantsir-S air defense systems will be organized. Having accomplished live fire exercises, it will be integrated with the troops DCA Air Force," said the military.

Thursday systems have undergone final testing and verification. On the night of Thursday to Friday, they conducted live fire. The missile-S Pansir shot several drones, and its shell destroyed a convoy of armored opponent conventional.

The combat system includes Pantsir-S missiles and artillery shells. The first, with a range of 20 kilometers, move at the speed of 1300 meters per second and are capable of neutralizing targets flying at an altitude of between 2 m and 15 km. The latter, with a range of 4 km, destroying naval targets, land or air at an altitude ranging from 0 to 3 km. The Pantsir-S is able to hit four targets simultaneously.

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