Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Replacement of the CF-18, five manufacturers approached at the end, it will remain a

The Government of Canada has asked five American and European combat aircraft to make proposals to replace its fleet of CF-18s.

In a letter to leading manufacturers , Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Dassault Aviation, EADS Eurofighter and Saab, the Department of Public Works announced that the Canadian government would soon be approached to determine the type of devices as possible that could be submitted for the new fleet hunters.

"A key component of this initiative is the market analysis on hunters who are in production or the production of which is expected." Said the Deputy Minister Michelle d'Auray, in the letter dated 27 December 2012. The participation of your company will greatly assist the Government of Canada in its assessment of options for a replacement fighter. "

In July 2010, the Defence and the Prime Minister announced choosing the F-35 Lockheed Martin without evaluating other aircraft.

But last spring, the Auditor General of Canada released a damning report, noting the cost overruns on initial projections, which ultimately forced Ottawa to rectify the situation on its approach. The cost of the F-35 has increased from $ 16 billion to nearly all included $ 46 billion. The subtlety is largely the useful life of the device.

The new process will allow manufacturers boast that the Canadian government the capabilities of their devices, such as the Super Hornet (Boeing) or Dassault Rafale, for example.

According to our sources, Dassault should make an offer similar to what she had in November 2010 .

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