Sunday, 13 January 2013

Indonesia - China Debate Aircraft Technology Collaboration Without You and Electronic Defence Systems

Indonesia-china expand defense cooperation

Beijing (ANTARA Bengkulu) - Indonesia and the People's Republic of China agree to expand defense cooperation to improve the professionalism of the armed forces of both countries, better relationships and use both sides uphold the security of the area, particularly in Asia.
The same subject matter in the Forum of the 5th Indonesia-China Defense Consultation in Beijing on Thursday. In the forum, the Indonesian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Defense Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin while the Chinese delegation led by Vice Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Armed Forces China Jian Guo Qi.
In official documents received BETWEEN in Beijing, in a closed meeting that discussed and defense cooperation has been established and will be done in the future by both countries.
Since the Consultation Forum Indonesia-China Defense formed in 2007 various similar work has been done between the two countries, such as education officers, training with a dedicated team of both countries, Sukhoi fighter pilot training TNI-Air Force, working with industry and the purchase of a number of defense weapon systems, the main tool.

For education and exchange of heroes, since 1967 Indonesia has 107 military personnel studying in China. Currently 12 people are listed Indonesian military officer studying in China, so collected from the documents.
While China to date has sent eight men of militernya.
For training, Indonesia and China had twice called joint training between military's Special Forces Commando Army Special Forces Armed Forces with China (People's Liberation Army / PLA) with the password "Sharp Knife".
Antarpasukan specific cooperation in the handling of terrorism will continue to be enhanced and expanded. Fore be possible to face training with non-traditional threats such as natural disaster, so sperti cited in the document.
Whereas in the field of defense industry between the two countries have agreed to jointly produce the C-705 missile. Until now Indonesia and China are discussing the implementation of technology in the manufacturing of mobile C-705 missiles.
In addition to the C-705 Indonesia and China will further discuss technology transfer aircraft without crew, as well as electronic defense system
Consultation Forum of the 5th Indonesia-China defense, which runs through Thursday afternoon also discussed and in particular the development of regional security situation in the Asia-Pacific region, including the East China Sea and South China Sea.

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