Sunday, 13 January 2013

First docking of a FREMM on new pontoon in Brest

Tomorrow, Monday, at 11:30 am, at Brest, the multi-mission frigate Aquitaine realize the first landing on the new pontoon FREMM. Click here to read my post of 26 July on the dock.

The pontoon FREMM is a line of innovative docking with two levels. All networks pass on the lower level, the network is restricted to higher logistics with permanent access for trucks and cranes for loading road onboard the FREMM faster.The dock was built FREMM basin number 4 of the naval base in 2012 under the mastery of work of the service infrastructure of defense. The entire line of docking, a knuckle and a wharf was finally set up in early July 2012.

This installation was followed by a period of development and testing networks. Mooring line is 160 m (3250 m3 bétonont was necessary for its construction) and the knuckle is 20 m high and 14 m in diameter.

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