Saturday, 17 November 2012

What will become of the "Afghan village" Canjuers after 2012?

The camp Canjuers infrastructure directly related to training the Afghan theater occupy three sites: a FOB reconstituted a "Afghan village" and a reconstruction of compounds of the same barrel ... If the FOB is already completed and regularly used by the Operational Support Detachment, what about the village, still under construction, which will not be completed anytime soon?

In August 2011, work on the village had been brutally interrupted. A brush machine blew up ammunition in a former a priori unpolluted area. Work resumed in May.

What is called "Afghan village" is actually a set of containers made of wood, reproducing houses, surrounded by stone walls. The set allows you to work the search for operational engineering, and general aspects of urban combat in Afghanistan sauce. But it says in Canjuers, the village is "Afghan" today but may change at the discretion of opex nationality ... The village has only four hours to "houses" and the goal is to having ten in total. Work is progressing slowly because they are with the military labor, according to the availability of engineering regiments who benefit the way to train their recruits. The site of the village is not complete, strictly speaking, but it is already widely used in its current state. It says that even Canjuers remaining unfinished houses fully reflect the current situation in some countries ...

The "compounds" simulated fences allow them to work on the movement in buildings and narrow streets.Installation will be improved in the future with the digging of irrigation canals to allow the infantry to work techniques crossings.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is far from signifying the abandonment of these infrastructures, quite the contrary. First, because French troops will still be present after December 31, the Kingdom of insolence (and dust) BATLOG, Epidote detachments, protection detachments camp and Warehouse Kabul airport ... Then because that these facilities are now in high demand by all regiments and schools. The three sites "Afghanistan" are reserved and 100% until the end of March and slots are going fast for the next few months ... especially after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the time spent on trainings in France should logically increase ...

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