Sunday, 18 November 2012

New equipment for pilots and navigators apprentices

Salonais to the sharp ear will probably detected an unusual noise in the sky of Provence.Observers have even identified a newcomer to the side of the air base (BA) 701. Indeed, Cirrus SR20 Cirrus SR22 and have emerged in August and will gradually replace the TB10 TB20 and used since 2006 in military aviation training center initial 05/312 (CFAMI).

The BA 701 CFAMI and prepare the transition for months. An experiment was conducted by a core group of ten pilots to experience the center of military aviation. His findings led the staff of the Air Force to pronounce, October 24, 2012, the commissioning of the SR20 for the training of pilots and navigators for SR22. Twenty units will shortly be based in Salon-de-Provence. This change marks a turning point for the Air Force that modernizes the aircrew training.

Providing real added value compared to their predecessors, including Cirrus offer a level of security that was decisive in the selection of staff. An airframe parachute and airbags fitted to aircraft and can be operated easily in the event of a serious problem. But the most visible change for avionics. The embedded system (GARMIN 1000) offers considerable potential. Its configuration can be modulated according to the educational objectives. These tools allow the CFAMI expand the range of tasks performed for the benefit of students: in addition to the VFR (navigation, maneuverability sector) practiced previously, the school will provide full training with low-altitude navigation 500 feet or varied profile (high-low-high) flight instrument and night flying.

The CFAMI must now train all of its instructors. Piloting a light aircraft, single-engine propeller is not a novelty and have all the necessary qualifications. However, none can overcome a few days of processing followed by a longer grip and especially learning the entire system. This perspective is not to displease the instructors whose enthusiasm is obvious. The device is efficient and comfortable, the steering is fine and it offers almost endless possibilities. Added to this are the development of new programs and the complete renovation of educational objectives. Students already visit in January to take control of their new devices!The Cirrus bring a real added value compared to the TB10 TB20

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