Friday, 9 November 2012

Female officers say 1-star asked for nude pics

Two female officers testified Wednesday that Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, who faces a possible court-martial for alleged sexual misconduct, asked them for nude photos of themselves.
Sinclair is undergoing an Article 32 hearing at Fort Bragg, N.C. He formerly was the 82nd Airborne Division’s deputy commanding general for support. After an investigation began into allegations against him, Sinclair was sent home from Afghanistan in May.
Both women who testified today passed polygraph tests when questioned about whether they were physically intimate with Sinclair, who is married. They each said separately that they met Sinclair professionally, and he became their friend and mentor, sharing a relationship marked by personal confidences, warmth and flirtation — mostly over email and the telephone.
The testimony came on the third day of the Article 32 to hear evidence in the case. The one-star faces multiple charges, including forcible sodomy, adultery and fraud. The hearing will help determine whether Sinclair will face a court-martial.

Prosecutors allege Sinclair was involved in sexual misconduct that involved five women — four officers and a civilian. The allegations date as far back as 2007 and took place in Iraq, Afghanistan and Fort Hood, Texas, prosecutors say.
One of the women, a major, testified that at Sinclair’s request, she emailed him a photo of herself showing off her breast-augmentation surgery. When she told him she planned to get the surgery, he emailed her saying, “Why are you modifying that little body that I love.” She said he later requested “before and after pictures.”
Later she sent a video of herself in an unspecified “indecent act.” Sinclair responded to the video in an email saying, “Nice. If I were single, I’d tear that [expletive] up.”
The other woman, a captain, testified that over the course of a nine-year friendship with Sinclair, he at various points expressed a desire to sleep with her, but she rebuffed him. In emails, he called her, “my hot little girl.” In one email, she told him, “If you didn’t have kids, I’d try to take you away.”
The two met in 2003 when she was a soldier in the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 82nd Airborne Division.
Earlier this year, while he was in Afghanistan, he also asked her for nude photos of herself. The woman, who is married, instead copied a photo of a woman from a pornographic website, cropped out the woman’s head, and sent it to him.
Sinclair responded, “Okay, got to go enjoy these.” Later, he wrote that he wanted more pictures.

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