Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ecuador to spend US$125 million to modernize 2 submarines

Ecuador is investing about US$125 million to modernize two war submarines in Chilean Navy shipyards, according to the Ecuadoran Ministry of Defense.
The “Shyri” submarine was delivered by the Chilean Navy Armory and Shipyards (ASMAR) on Oct. 19 at the Talcahuano port, about 500 kilometers (310.7 miles) south of Santiago, the ministry said in a statement. Another submarine, named “Huancavilca” is undergoing the identical modernization process at ASMAR and should be ready by February 2014.
“The units are property of the Ecuadoran Naval Force and will be used to defend national sovereignty,” the ministry said, adding the contract signed between the two nations in 2008 includes personnel training. “[The
modernizing of the submarines] will benefit the country, since it will allow for better control of territorial waters, as well as combating drug trafficking and transnational crime.”

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