Saturday, 17 November 2012

After Panhard, Renault Trucks Defense is interested in the purchase of Nexter

Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) has nevertheless stated that a merger with Nexter could be provided at the end of its resale activity ammunition.

RTD, a subsidiary of Swedish Volvo, completed on October 25 the acquisition of Panhard light armored vehicle manufacturer, in a move expected market consolidation of land armament.

Expanding the group is still interested in rival Nexter Leclerc tank manufacturer, and also looks towards the Finnish Patria, confirmed the president Gérard Amiel reporters Nov. 14.

This acquisition should help RTD's goal of 700 million euros in sales in 2015 - against 253 million in 2011 - with an export share increased to 50-60% compared with approximately 10% per annum past.

Market consolidation of land armament in France or in Europe, seems more desirable to cope with international competition in the race for contracts in emerging markets at a time when defense budgets are shrinking.

"We have several cases under consideration, but that does not necessarily materialize in the short term," said Gérard Amiel during a press conference, noting that the integration Panhard in RTD should take two years.

However, he said that the purpose of the group was not to manufacture armaments domain "highly specific" for specialists, and he preferred to stay on its core business, building vehicles.

Rapprochement with Nexter could be done only if the resale of its business forward ammunition, Gérard Amiel said to reporters, noting that discussions had foundered last year precisely on this point.

The previous government had considered the contribution of the division ammunition than Thales, Nexter in exchange for a rise in the capital OEM manufacturer of the Leclerc tank up to 10-25%. But this project has been frozen since the election.

Gérard Amiel also told journalists have "trade" with the Finnish Patria, an alternative scenario Nexter reconciliation.

RTD and Nexter cooperate for a year on the program multirole armored vehicle (VBMR) to replace the current front armored vehicle (GVA) in the French army.

Gérard Amiel said he did not expect a bidding on this program by the last quarter of 2013, two years behind schedule.

The government will by then published in early 2013 the White Paper on Defence, the basis of military programming law that will set the guidelines of the major programs for the period 2014-2019.

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