Tuesday, 19 February 2013

White paper: commission issued its copy

The text is less than 100 pages: it was passed last week in the middle of the General Secretariat of Defence and National Security (SGDSN) to be validated - and possibly rewritten - by government authorities. This "final project" is the result of nearly a half of work of the Commission White Paper. It was written by a small team of five editors, under the authority of Jean-Marie Guéhenno.

The text, revised to SGDSN, will be discussed in early March at a Defence Council at the Elysée and approved by the members of the committee in plenary session. It then becomes the White Paper, which is based on the defense and national security of our country. It should be released in late March, early April.

The committee considered the risks and threats to our country, crossing the most likely and most dangerous. From this work of "structural assumptions" have been developed, which serve as the basis for defining a new model army. One participant explained that work beautifully saw "Aristotle against Plato." On one side (Plato), the reign of ideal types and cardinal principles, the other (Aristotle) ​​the world as it is, with the budgetary situation of France and our system of alliances.

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