Thursday, 14 February 2013

A medal for the Pentagon drone operators

U.S. Defense announced the creation of a "Distinguished medal warfare" to recognize the merits of those who contribute to "change the way we make war" by directing drones.

The Pentagon has created a new type of coin, the "Distinguished medal warfare" to greet "extraordinary achievements" of the drone operators, Leon Panetta announced Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of Defense out. Because they do not put their lives in danger, these operators are not eligible for traditional distinctions, but flying planes distance, they contribute, he said, to "change the way we make war."

The "Distinguished medal warfare" will be awarded to drone operators whose actions have had "direct impact on combat operations." "This award recognizes the reality of the technological war in which we are committed to the twenty-first century," Leon Panetta insisted that must be replaced by Chuck Hagel whose appointment must be approved Friday by the U.S. Senate.

Since the attacks of Sept. 11, drones have become the weapon of choice in the fight against al-Qaida, but they are also used in traditional conflicts such as Afghanistan or Libya. Fleet Defense Department has greatly expanded over the years to achieve, by 2012, 161 Predator, Reaper 54, capable of dropping bombs or missiles, drones and 25 observation Global Hawk, according to the Department of Congressional Research (CRS). The CIA also has its own fleet of drones - thirty according to the Washington Post - used for targeted killings of members of al-Qaeda.

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