Tuesday, 5 February 2013

North Korea: UN sanction, South Korea and the United States acts

The international community has leapt on Monday, while North Korea is about to conduct a nuclear test. If the UN assured that it would impose a strong response in case of nuclear test, South Korea and the United States have begun joint naval maneuvers to warn Pyongyang.

The South Korean ambassador to the UN, Kim Sook, was clear on Monday. "We can not stand idly about the initiative taken by devastating provocative and North Korea," he said.

Pyongyang no end of worry by nuclear activity. Despite the sanctions set against him, the North Korean regime continues its research. And, according to Kim Sook, the next nuclear test is "imminent".

Pyongyang is ready for another nuclear test

A view shared by the South Korean Ministry of Defense. His spokesman Kim Min-Seok, has ensured that the North Korean regime had completed the technical preparations until now the political decision.

Faced with this new threat of ballistic missile test, the UN did not take long to respond. "I expect very strong measures are taken," insists Kim Sook as well. Adding that 15 members of the Security Council were "united and determined" against this "dangerous attempt to undermine the authority and credibility of the Council."

Since January 1, South Korea has now assumed the role of observer non-permanent Security Council of the United Nations for a term of two years. It also ensures the rotating presidency of the Council for the month of February.

A nuclear submarine to enhance foresight South Korean and U.S.

Along with the United States, the South Korean government began on Monday, naval exercises using a nuclear submarine. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence has ensured that these military maneuvers began in the Sea of ​​Japan, off the port of Pohang, southeast of the country.

For three days, several operations training will be conducted through the presence of the submarine USS San Francisco, armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, but the USS Shiloh, a destroyer of 9800 tons.

If military officials have assured that these exercises were planned before the new threat is looming North Korean presence in the Asian peninsula is not trivial. It emphasizes above all the warning U.S. forces and South Korea against Pyongyang.

In Seoul, it is more than a matter of days. Many experts believe that the country test will take place before the Chinese New Year on February 10. Others are waiting to see what shooting rather be made on February 16 birthday of the birth of Kim Jong-Il, who died in December 2011 and father of current leader Kim Jong-Un.

South Korea looks to China

An imminent forcing the Special Adviser to the South Korean nuclear go to Beijing on Sunday. Seoul intends to try to persuade China, North Korea's only ally important, to influence Pyongyang in pursuit of its nuclear activities.

In the face of distrust foreign North Korea would have covered last Friday, the entrance to an underground tunnel in the north-east of the country, as stated by a government official in Seoul on condition of anonymity.

Pyongyang hopes to thwart the satellite monitoring of various foreign powers. The scheme intends to respond to the Security Council that it had expanded its sanctions last December, after the rocket launch by North Korea.

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