Monday, 17 September 2012

The Romanian frigate Regele Ferdinand (F-221) is en route to the Indian Ocean.

The Romanian frigate Regele Ferdinand (F-221) is en route to the Indian Ocean. She left Constanza Wednesday (September 12) and passed the Bosphorus 14 (I announce my Turkish colleagues). Objective: To join the European Union operation against piracy (EUNAVFOR Atalanta), currently under Italian command. A 236 sailors on board controlled by Mihai Panait.

This is a double first for the Romanian navy. She had not previously participated in an anti-piracy operation, or as far from his usual area. Thus  Regele Ferdinand had participated in operations in the Mediterranean NATO mission "Active Endeavour" anti-terrorist and traffic monitoring, and especially "Unified Protector" on the monitoring of the arms embargo against Libya. It is also the first time that an international mission frigate sailed a Puma helicopter, explains very proud navy.

For Romania, it is in these times of harsh cuts in military and economic crisis an instrument of pride.Especially as many seafarers on merchant ships sailing in the region. And some have been taken hostage. Romanians and were aboard the MV Asian Glory was captured in 2009, St James Park in 2010 or Mv Dover in 2011 (according to the database B2).

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