Monday, 17 September 2012

Afghanistan: the infiltration of insurgents multiply

A new attack, probably committed by infiltrators in the Afghan police killed four people Sunday among the soldiers of the Western coalition anti-Taliban.

Sunday's attack took place in the province of Zabul, a province in southern Afghanistan, where U.S. forces are based. One of the attackers, who wore the uniform of the Afghan National Police also died.
After the death of two British soldiers from Yorkshire Regiment  killed Saturday by an Afghan policeman, this attack brings to 51 the number of foreign soldiers killed this year by insurgents infiltrated in the police or the Afghan army.

Camp Bastion . In addition, a statement from the ISAF gave details of the attack on the night of Friday to Saturday against Camp Bastion (Helmand). Six American combat aircraft Harrier were destroyed and two were damaged "significantly"
during the attack launched by a group of 15 insurgents, some wearing U.S. treilis. Three refueling stations were also destroyed and six aircraft hangars has been achieved,

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