Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Qatar calls for military intervention in Syria Arab

The Qatar called on Tuesday 25 September, the General Assembly of the UN military intervention in Arab Syria to put an end to what the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon has called "regional disaster with global implications " .

Noting that "all means were employed (...) in vain" , the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifaal-Thani, called for "Arab countries involved themselves in accordance with their national duties, humanitarian , policy and military do what it takes to put an end to the bloodshed in Syria " .
Qatar, which supports the opposition Syrian President Bashar al-Assad , made ​​reference to a"previous" , the decisive intervention by the Arab League in Lebanon in 1976 to try to put an end to the Lebanese civil war. Arab deterrent force of 30,000 men - composed mostly of Syrian troops - had been sent to Lebanon in October 1976. Secretary General of the UN has called on his side action of the Security Council to put an end to the violence that killed more than 29,000 dead in 18 months. "This is a serious and growing threat to international peace and security which demands the attention of the Security Council " , he said, calling for penny t ENIR efforts mediator Lakhdar Brahimi .

Syrian folder is blocked in the Security Council because of opposition from China and Russia , faithful allies of the Syrian regime of sanctions against Damascus. These countries have blocked three times resolutions. "We must put an end to violence and the flow of arms to both sides andput in place as soon as possible a transition led by the Syrians themselves " , said Mr. Ban.

In total, Tuesday, 114 people, including 61 civilians, were killed across the country, according to the OSDH. Hundred and sixteen people were killed yesterday, including 12 children.

Syria: the regime would have taken a large neighborhood of Aleppo

The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked the Iraq to stop Iranian aircraft flying over its territory to Syria, Washington suspecting that these devices are carrying weapons to the regime in Damascus. In early September, the United States had already claimed their ally Iraq that makes land and search planes coming from Iran and destined for Syria through Iraqi airspace.U.S. senators told fear that these devices are loaded arms to the Syrian regime. Vice President of the United States Joe Biden even called these days to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki toinsist on this point

Advisor for Hillary Clinton resigns Syria

Special Advisor to the U.S. State Department for Syria, Fred Hof, resigned Tuesday to retire at the critical moment when world leaders gathered in New York to try to end the conflict in this region.

Fred Hof has devoted much of his diplomatic career in the Middle East before the last position he was Special Coordinator for Regional Affairs, is directly related to George Mitchell, Special Envoy at the time for the Middle East . In recent months, Fred Hof spent his time to establish contacts with the Syrian opposition abroad, while the United States and the international community tried to assemble a Syrian diaspora dispersed and promote political transition Syria.

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