Thursday, 27 September 2012

Afghanistan withdrawal: another 700 thousand vehicles and containers to be repatriated via Toulon

According to Dominique Chabrol, my colleague from the AFP in Afghanistan, there are still Afghan territory "700 armored vehicles 1200 and a little less than 900 containers of 1000 to the beginning."

The withdrawal movements of this material continues, coordinated by the Centre multimodal transport (CMT). It concerns a "huge bric-a-brac dozens of containers, backhoe loader, 4x4 armored vehicles, engineering equipment, and even ... tons of waste, cables, hardware used, for be retired on the basis of Warehouse in the Afghan capital. "

Once refurbished, the equipment for return to France where he joined Abu Dhabi is loaded on ro-ro GSC (Compagnie maritime Nantes) whose vessels have already made several rotations.

According to my colleagues Var Matin , one of the ro-ro, the MN Eider , is expected to Toulon October 8, from Abu Dhabi, where he is now. A Toulon material will be considered by the 519th Group maritime transit (GTM) . The regiment, based in Ollioules since July 2011, is indeed specialized in military logistics transportation ke by sea

Part of the rolling stock definitely join Neuvy-Pailloux and 12 base support material (BSMAT) where, in April, I witnessed the arrival of a train from Toulon charge of Afghan VAB .
30% of the material is already gone.

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