Sunday, 2 September 2012

Boxer Infantry fighting vehicle

The IFV variant of BOXER represents the leading edge of wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Combining the BOXER inherent high level of protection and the unique mobility with the latest turret technology, the IFV variant presents state-of-the-art capabilities to face current requirements.

The BOXER IFV variant, equipped with the LANCE turret system is completely in line with the modular BOXER philosophy as the LANCE turret itself features a new modular design. It thereby ensures maximum flexibility and an optimized capability for further upgrades for changing requirements. Also the protection of the turret is adaptable for a wide range of missions and to face different threats – as does the BOXER itself.

The IFV variant can transport up to 8 soldiers, besides the driver. A variety of individual modules allows for either a two-man or a remotely controlled turret design – one Concept with two Configurations.

The turret provides a hunter-killer capability, which is unique in a medium calibre turret.

Sufficient firepower is provided by a flexible weapons suite

  • Stabilized MK30-2/ABM automatic cannon (cal. 30 mm x 173) – other weapons can be integrated as well
  • 7.62mm MG3 coaxial machine gun and/or MAG, MG4 or other machine gun
  • Elevation: -10° to +45°
  • Azimuth: precise, high-speed 360° traverse

Key features

Maximum speed 103 km/h
Minimum speed 3 km/h
Engine capacity (ISO) 530 kW (720 hp)
Range 1,050 Km
Max. straight gradient 60%
Max. slope gradient 30%
Trench crossing 2.0 m
Step climbing ability 0.8 m
Turning circle (skid steering) 15 m
Length 7.93 m
Width 2.99 m
Height (hull roof) 3.24 m
Ground clearance 0.50 m
Track 2.58 m
Protected volume 16 m³


Crew: up to 9 (1 driver, 6 dismounts, 2 in turret)
Main Armament stabilized cal. 30mm MK30-2 /ABM
Up to 600 rounds/min rate of fire
Range of 3,000 meters
100 rounds HE and 100 rounds AP available at the cannon

Exemplary Options

Different protection kits
Laser warning system
IFF system
SAS (close in reconnaissance system)
ATGM (anti tank guided missile system)

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