Sunday, 2 September 2012

ACMAT and MAWTELECOM present the new ALTV Special Force vehicle variant at MSPO 2012.

After Eurosatory 2012, ACMAT and MAWTELECOM present the new ALTV variant at jubilee edition of MSPO in Poland: ALTV Torpedo High Mobility. Based on 60 years of military experience in the rugged and hostile environment of Africa and Middle-East, the new variant ALTV Torpedo High Mobility is specifically designed to meet the high levels of mobility, ballistic and mine protection level 1, payload and survivability in the most extreme driving conditions.

The ALTV High Mobility is an open-top vehicle with with 360° detection capability, ballistic protection kit with a 3,5 t GVW, this 4WD Light Tactical Vehicle is a Light Strike 4x4 designed for deep patrol, fast attack and close combat operation, when rapid deployment is key.

Open top, this special feature allows the deployment of weapons and C4ISR. Developed for rapid deployment, ALTV Torpedo High Mobilitycan easily move to and from the event locationand quickly configured to perform multiple missions. The features of this new ALTV variant combine a famous 4x4 driveline and field proven technologies to challenge all the theaters of operations. 

ACMAT it's a full range of Special Operations vehicles. With the BASTION PATSAS, the ALTV Open cab series and the VLRA Commando, ACMAT provides a unique and comprehensive solution to operating autonomously with a maximum degree of tactical mobility and offensive power to Special Operations Forces units.

ACMAT S.A.Sis a subsidiary of Renault Trucks Defense, is the manufacturer of the famous VLRA, which is in service with over 1,200 units in the French Army. ACMAT has dozens of customers for its range of tactical, logistical and armored 4 and 6-wheel drive vehicles (ALTV, VLRA and BASTION) in over 50 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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