Thursday, 20 September 2012

TRT-R30MK and BattleGuard Weapons Systems Unveiled

BAE Systems is using the 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence event to showcase its latest tactical remote turret design.

Making its public debut, the BAE Systems TRT-R30MK is positioned on an RG41 armoured vehicle at the show, which began today and runs until 23 September.

The TRT-R30MK weapons system is remotely-operated and has an effective range of over 2,500 metres. Described by BAE Systems as a ‘high-performance threat neutraliser', the turret's control station can be placed anywhere inside its carrier vehicle, maximising the space needed for additional payloads or crew members.

TRT-R30MK Weapons System

The TRT-R30MK weapons system has also got a day and night capability and, after adaptation, is compatible with 30mm NATO-standard cannons.

"The TRT family of turrets provides soldiers with a spectrum of self-protection and ground fire support capability, combined with the safety of an armoured protected vehicle", explained BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa's Johan Steyn, in a company press release issued on the eve of the 2012 Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) event.

AAD 2012 is being staged at the South African Air Force's Waterkloof Air Force Base and features 350 exhibitors from 27 nations. The biggest defence firms showcased there include BAE Systems, ARMSCOR, Thales Group and Denel.

BattleGuard Weapons System

In related news, military contractor Raytheon has also just released a new remote weapons station design. Unveiled at the US Army's 2012 Maneuver Conference, which started on 17 September and runs through 20 September, the Raytheon BattleGuard weapons systems is, says the company, an ‘affordable, low-risk solution for combat vehicles'.

Equipped with an advanced sensor, BattleGuard gives warfighters the ability to identify targets located twice the distance over which "threat" weapons can strike.

"The significance to the commander is the plug-and-play nature of the system. It is easy and fast to change configuration, to take off and put on another device, providing additional and immediate vehicle and squad protection", explained Raytheon's Glynn Raymer.

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