Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Swiss army continues to decline

The actual Swiss Army has continued to decline. March 1, 2012, it stood at 186,143 soldiers, or 2% above the actual regulations, announced Monday the Federal Department of Defence, protection of the Swiss population and Sports (DDPS).

In total, 21,279 people were incorporated into the Swiss Army between March 2011 and March 2012.During the same period, the Swiss Army recorded 23,211 departures. Therefore, the assessment of actual recorded a decrease in 1932 and the actual military is at 186,143 soldiers. This is equivalent to 102% of the regulatory set at 182,693 soldiers, said the DDPS.

The renewal of the Swiss army declined by 32% since 2005, and overcrowding resulting from the transition program of the Army 95 Army XXI are resolved. These figures are taken from the actual count of the Swiss Army in 2012, which serves as a reference to the army staff (core domain of Conduct 1 in the conduct of Staff of the Army) to analyze annual staff development, explained the DDPS.

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