Monday, 10 September 2012

Saab Premier at MSPO

Saab did their world-premier of 9Land Soldier sPad at MSPO on Tuesday this Saab solution should provide the information needed on the battlefield on a need-to-know-basis. 9Land Soldier sPad combines tactical capabilities at soldier level with reliable connectivity and high mobility. It is helping to prevent Blue-on-Blue Fire, help to navigate (and routing), share tactical information and help reporting. Through 9Land BMS (Battle Management system) it is integrated up to brigade level. Saab is saying this system fits the needs of the Polish Army for a C2 modernization program. The handheld device is designed as a two-click, single handed reporting system, so you keep one hand for your weapon. The rugged handheld comes together with a connector box for up to 5 connections (more with splitter cable) and the battery – all from Saab. For the Polish market Saab teamed up with Radmor (WB Group) who is bringing their lightweight radio into the
system. Radmor is producing radios for a long time under Thales license and designing their own radios. The PR35010 integrates voice and data (up to 51 kbs) to Saab’s system, a GPS receiver is integrated and is responsible for the positioning of each soldier. The radio has a range of 800m and a weight of 300g. Through the radio the soldier is also connected to the BMS in a vehicle without using a cable. The rugged pad has a weight of only 185 g and the touch screen allows working with gloves, map data for navigation must be preloaded. 9Land Soldier sPad will work with all kinds of radios, and is running on Android. The battery (289 g) will keep running the system for up to 12 hours and could support other connection through the connection hub (119 g), even a laser range device could be connected.

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