Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Russian military scouts in the mountains of Italy

Today (September 10th), Italy began joint maneuvers Russian-Italian army scouts. They will develop the objectives of the liquidation of terrorist groups in the mountains.

In the initial period, groups of scouts special forces will be trained individually. Then, for three days, they will take care of all recognition in the mountains, in a forested area. According to the scenario of maneuvers, these regions are controlled by illegal armed groups. The official representative of the press service of the Russian Army Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Donjuchkine says:

"From the Russian side, the group will take part recognition fusilière-motorcycle brigade of the 49th Mountain Army Military District of the South. The Italian side, a similar group of 4th Regiment landing Armed Forces of Italy. Exercises are performed for the accumulation of experience of the common resistance to terrorist groups and strengthening military cooperation between the parties. "

The scale of the exercises is not great. On each side, will attend a section of scouts. Agents of Russian special units were preparing in advance to travel in Italy, said the military commentator Victor Baranets.

"They have already developed the procedure for reconnaissance and research. We worked on the rules and habits of survival under the conditions of mountains. Including the search for food and water.It has developed certain tasks of the special tactical training. "

Russia and Italy have accumulated a great experience of cooperation between the sailors: they meet periodically in joint naval maneuvers. The Army has no experience as rich for the moment. Yet last year, the Italian scouts have already taken part in exercises in the North Caucasus, Mark Victor Baranets.

"We can probably borrow something from the Italians when performing tasks in the mountains. As in Italy, the Alpine longstanding. And indeed, we can learn a lot from them. Such contacts are mutually enriching. "

Two Russian brigades were formed mountains 5 years ago. They have 4500 men. It is assumed that they will participate in providing security during the conduct of the Olympiad to be held in Sochi in 2014.

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