Sunday, 9 September 2012

PILUM - All-Weather Capable and Multi-Role Glide Missile System

Diehl Group issued the following news release: PILUM is the well mapped out refinement of Diehl Defences glide missile demonstrator programs. The companys HOPE prototype demonstrated its full performance potential during a test campaign of the Federal Office of Defence and Procurement (BWB) in 2008. The glide missile was launched from a TORNADO combat aircraft of the German Air Force. Subsequent to a successful cruise and terminal flight phase, the glide missile proved its extraordinary target accuracy with a direct hit against a ground target. The airframe, glide wings as well as a modular navigation and autopilot platform were developed as part of the glide missile program. PILUMs guidance and control section is based on a military GPS receiver linked to inertial measuring sensors. These modules are combined with the operative dual-band seeker (visual and infrared) of the Israeli company Rafaels SPICE-1000 Glide Missile.
Its software features so called Scene Matching Technology allowing unique precision in terminal flight. The navigation and autopilot platform ensures the PILUM glide missiles all-weather capable cruise flight. Diehl Defence and Rafael signed a Teaming Agreement on cooperation in the PILUM program in June 2010.PILUM permits coverage of all required capabilities encompassing air-to-surface as well as naval target engagement with only one weapon system offering flexible employment. Adaptation including reduced impact avoiding collateral damage is envisaged in combination with modular, multi-functional effectors. PILUM follows a modular architecture and can be designated as a non-propelled "Multi-Pupose Effector". Due to its unique gliding features and maneuverability, it is capable of covering a previously unattainable wide spectrum of targets and engagement missions. PILUM is employed in the short-to-medium range until over 100 km.

Optimizing weapon system integration in the Eurofighter is conducted on the basis of employing available interfaces for Paveway (precision bomb) armament as well as well as for the Litening Targeting Pod produced by Rafael.

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