Sunday, 9 September 2012

Naval Barak-8 / Barak-2 / LR-SAM / MR-SAM

Long-range missile and air defense system Capable of multiple simultaneous engagements in complex scenarios, it provides 360° defense, in all weather and day/night conditions, against a wide variety of airborne platforms and munitions from short and medium ranges
India inked a $1.1 billion deal with Israel in April 2009 for joint development of the Barak-8 tactical Air and Missile Defense (AMD).

The deal was announced in June 2009 by an Israeli official.

Deliveries are expected to start in 2017.

Technical Specifications
The Braak-8 missile system features a vertically launched active radar seeker missile with flexible dual pulse smokeless solid fuel motor that provides high maneuver capability at target interception range throughout the missile's wide envelope.

The missile provides all-weather, day/night engagements in complex saturation scenarios. The interceptor is vertically launched from a mobile ground launcher.

The missile's high agility is provided by a tungsten jet vane system for thrust vector control and a highly evolved electro-pneumatic control actuation system and a highly evolved electro-pneumatic control actuation system.

The missile is believed to have a range of 70 / 80 km and a ceiling of 16 km

The missile launcher comprises an eight-round module, three or more of which could make up a typical system.

The system is supported by the new EL/M-2258 Alpha Multi-Function Surveillance, Track & Guidance Radar (MF-STAR). The Active Electronic Steering Array (AESA) Radar System which includes single face rotating S-band Phased Array Antenna.

It uses the same S-band transmit/receive modules as the four-face, static EL/M-2248 developed for the Barak 8 system, but is a single-face radar with both mechanical and electronic scanning in azimuth.

It can deliver an accurate, high quality arena situation picture and discern low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets even in the toughest environmental conditions (Heavy jamming and dense clutter) using pulse Doppler techniques, multiple beam forming and advanced high-PRF waveforms.

According to Elta, MF-STAR is able initiate tracks against sea-skimming missiles at ranges in excess of 25 km, and out to more than 250 km for a high-flying combat aircraft. It provides mid-course guidance to the Barak-8 missile till its active homing takes over.

The weapon system can engage 12 targets with 24 missiles.

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