Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Israel think of launching an electromagnetic pulse on Iran

Israel would consider launching an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) on Iran to cripple all of its transport networks and communications, and thereby stop the development of its nuclear program, said Sunday the Sunday Times.

The newspaper quoted an American expert on defense issues that Bill Gertz, August 29, in his column on the conservative website video The Washington Free Beacon, expressed "growing concerns" reported by the U.S. Secret Service "on the trigger by Israel of a strike on Iran with a high-altitude nuclear explosion intended to disrupt all electronic devices in the country. "

Recently, an American author, Joe Tuzara wrote in the Israeli newspaper right Israel National News that the acceleration of the development of nuclear weapons by Iran could trigger a preemptive attack Israel's IEM. "The explosion would not create nor breath nor radiation on the ground, but the food supply will dry up and become almost impossible communications, leading to an economic collapse," he wrote.

For its part, Uzi Rubin, who had collaborated in the development of missile defense of Israel, seen in the Sunday Times that "it is out of the question to use a nuclear weapon, even for use as a non-lethal EMP.""There are ways to create an EMP from the ground," he says, however.

The destructive potential of EMI, a powerful shock wave created by the interaction between the explosion and the Earth's magnetic field was found in 1950 and 1960 as a side effect of nuclear explosions at high altitude. It is also possible to produce from a microwave generator, the ground.

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