Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hydra 35 mm remote controlled aerial defense system

The Hydra remote-controlled aerial defense system with 35 mm anti-aircraft automatic cannon is meant for firing at aerial targets (aircraft, fixed and rotary-wing, manned and unmanned, cruise missile) flying at very low, low to medium altitudes.
The Hydra system is also capable of destroying lightly armored land and naval surface targets.
Coupled with aerial defense command and control unit (e.g. Blenda) the Hydra constitutes an air defense fire unit.
Target tracking data are being received through the command and control vehicle, worked out by passive sensors, battery-powered to avoid thermal signature of tha APU. This enables stealth operating mode, contributing to low possibikity of detection.
Dual-feed arrangement, with magazines on either side of the receiver, enables fast and easy switching between two different types of ammunition, e.g. FAPDS and ABM.
The Hydra 35 mm aerial defense system is highly resistant against ECM, capable of high mobility and high battlefield survivability.


Effective against targets maneuvering (up to 8Gs):

  • Maximum target velocity: 600 mps (remote controlled mode)
  • Maximum target velocity: 300 mps (autonomous mode)
Maximum effective range:
  • Conventioal targets: 6000 m
  • RAM targets: 3000 m (with ABM ammunition)
  • land and naval surface targets: 4000 - 6000 m (depending on ammunition used)
Maximum target altitude: 3500 m
Firing sectors:

  • Horizontal: n x 360°
  • Vertical: -5° to +85°
Rate of fire (theorical): 550 rds/min
Ammunition boxes capacity:
2x 100 pcs

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