Sunday, 16 September 2012

Exercise Colibri 45th to the 11th Parachute Brigade

45eédition the exercise of Colibri, airborne operation organized by the International 11eBP be held from 7 September to 14 September in Pau.

This exercise aims to develop interoperability paratroopers French and foreign, especially German, as part of an operation to support a government crisis and restore peace.

 Not less than 1300 men, paratroopers, airmen have been mobilized. Their mission, to force an airport platform, to allow the evacuation of citizens possible.

 A timetable up to the challenge:

    airborne operation from aircraft French and German
    storming and securing airfields,
    armored raid,
    control zone ...

operations in the open field in the middle of the population.

Recently equipped FELIN the 8th Parachute Regiment of Marines (8eRPIMa) tested for the first time using the new parachute (EPC drop all the fighting).

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