Sunday, 23 September 2012

Engineering work for HMS Monmouth before she sails

HMS Monmouth is undergoing engineering support in Plymouth ahead of deployment training.
The ship is having a new sensor mount fitted on top of it and a work is being done to the engine turbines, while at the bows, weapon engineers are aligning the new barrel of the 4.5-inch main gun as it is craned into place.
Following summer leave, the crew has returned to duty to continue maintenance and embark stores and check systems in preparation for further training ahead of any forthcoming deployments.Commander Gordon Ruddock, HMS Monmouth’s Commanding Officer, said: “It is essential that HMS Monmouth is ready for every eventuality, both in terms of her material state and the preparedness the ship’s company.”
The Type 23 Frigate was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders on the Clyde and launched by Lady Eaton in 1991. Originally designed for anti-submarine warfare, she is now a general purpose frigate.
HMS Monmouth is the sixth of the Type 23 Duke class frigates, the seventh warship to bear the name and has the most battle honours of any commissioned warship in the Royal Navy.

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