Sunday, 23 September 2012

Egypt: Germany Not to Backtrack On Exporting Two Submarines to Nation

German Ambassador in Cairo Michael Bock said his country will not backtrack on its decision to export two submarines to Egypt.
No person or government in the world can obstruct any decision taken by the German government, Bock added during a press conference in Cairo on Wednesday 19/9/2012.
The Federal Security Council in Germany is the body in charge of exporting arms, he said, noting that decisions in this respect are deemed covert and no one is entitled to veto them.
Bock's remarks came when asked to comment on Israel's angry reaction concerning the sale of the submarines to Egypt.
The German diplomat said he is pleased with policies adopted by President Mohamed Morsi.
The Egyptian government has made steps forward in terms of efforts to achieve Middle East peace, Bock said, citing Cairo's reiterated commitment to the peace deal with Israel, its efforts to reconcile Palestinian factions and its initiative to solve the Syrian crisis.
Germany is willing to help Egypt either through the European Union or bilateral cooperation, Bock told the press conference. Berlin has offered to establish projects worth 240 million euros in debt swap, he said.
Trade exchange with Egypt has not been affected by the January 25th Revolution, the German diplomat said. It rather increased by 10 percent, he added.
Asked about the inflammatory anti-Islam movie, Bock said the German government is studying whether to ban the film, which ridicules the Prophet Mohamed, but he still said that it won't be easy given the "very complicated" measures involved.
He said he is glad Berlin has barred radical US pastor Terry Jones from entering Germany, adding that both the German chancellor and foreign minister have condemned the movie.
The Egyptian government, Bock said, has stressed that violence is not the right way to respond to such insults.

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